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10 Amazing Facts About the Creatures that Live in Your Bed – with Pictures


Dust Mites Are Invisible to the Naked Eye

but Millions Live in Your Bed

Dust mites are so tiny that you need a microscope to see them. 


Poop From Dust Mites is the

Most Common Indoor Allergen

Dust mites don't cause allergies, but their excrement does. Symptoms include waking up with a stuff nose and sinus headache.


Dust Mites Are NOT Vampires -

They Don't Bite or Suck Your Blood

Bed Bugs are the ones that bite and suck blood. They are much larger than dust mites and are visible to the naked eye.


Repeated Exposure to Dust Mites Can

Cause Asthma in Children Under 12

Dust mites may be a factor in up to 80% of all asthmatics.


Unmade Beds Have Fewer Dust Mites

It's not that dust mites don' like lazy people but they don't survive in the warm dry conditions of an unmade bed.


Soft Toys are Often Filled with Dust Mites

You can kill the dust mites by putting the soft toys in a plastic bag and letting them sit in the freezer for 12 hours.


Dust Mite Proof Bedding is the First

Recommendation of Many Doctors and Allergists. 

Researchers at The Ohio State recommend covers from National Allergy.


Washing Your Bedding in Hot Water Kills Dust Mites.

Experts recommend washing bedding weekly in water that is at least 140 degrees or use a mite control additive.


Carpets are a Perfect Breeding Ground for Dust Mites 

Doctors recommend hard wood floors for severe cases of dust mite allergies.​


Amathophobia is an Abnormal and Persistant

Fear of Dust and Dust Mites.

Sufferers experience anxiety even if they acknowledge dust mites don't bite.

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